Was established in 1992 by George Papadopoulos,

an Architect and Scenographer that strived to provide his clients with a complete package that includes design and construction of sets for the stage on television and film, exhibitions, museums, and Urban art. His work is exemplified in spaces such as the Cyprus Museum of Education in Vasa, the Cyprus Medical Museum in Kato Polemidia and the Cyprus Forest Museum in Kambos.

Over the last few years, his work was published extensively in magazines and books worldwide like Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Saudi Arabia and China.


Make it with passion.


We also rent out.

→ Scenery and props for shows
→ Photo- booths for any occasion -parties, weddings, events, christenings.


Your words.

Having worked with George Papadopoulos and Skinotechniki for more than 14 years, I never hesitate to recommend their services. Company owner George is a true professional in his field. His vast experience, both in Cyprus and abroad, is unmatched and the results of projects have always exceeded my expectations. George’s attention to detail, his drive to succeed, and his unique status as both architect and set designer, ensure that his assignments are always a triumph. I highly endorse both George Papadopoulos and his company Skinotechniki.

Munro Forbes

We embrace more than 20 years of collaboration with Skinotechniki of George Papadopoulos. Every year, it offers the last and most significant creative touch to the productions and musicals that we perform, underlining with spectacular colors and improbable constructions, the professionalism of our "school" performances.
| Teacher / Director of Musicals and Shows at The Grammar School Limassol

Cleopatra Papa Kyprianou

From the word << Skinotechniki >> I would like to distinguish the word << Techni >>. Meaning art in Greek, that being the expression of human creativity and imagination. Two virtues found in immense quantities in the hands of the people of Skinotechniki. They are people who know and who can take us, through their creations, to places where no one else can. People who can take us to magical journeys into different worlds, fairytales and even places so real that one finds hard to perceive that they indeed exist. Those of you who did not have the opportunity and honor to see these creations up close, and because a photo is worth a thousand words, you can have a look at the photos of these wonderful scenes and understand what I mean. They are creations that fill us with feelings of joy, forgiveness, hope, emotion, admiration, happiness... Creations that make us feel like kids again... Creations that teach us that we do not have to see the world as it is, but just as we would like to imagine it to be... with just a little MAGIC!
The Gevorest Company

Mikaella Garvrilidou